About me


Hi and welcome,

Im Hailey, Mummy of two children (Millie 6 and Kylo 2) and two Cavapoo furbabies (Honey and Mango). Im a Photographer by trade, but due to our current situation ive had to close my business, so I started to create 'Pawchella'

 Recently we had our first litter of puppies, which was absolutely amazing and we will treasure the time we had with 5 little pups running around the house. We had a little surpise of a 5th pup hidden way up in there so we decided to keep her, she was the smallest little girl, we have named her Mango.

For some time I have been thinking what can I do at home thats creative, while the children are at school or nursery, obviously with my instagram being full of gorgeous furbabies and me having my two little girls I knew I wanted to create something fun and cute for them. I have noticed a gap in the market in the UK specialising in handmade personalised leads, collars and tags, from then on my life has consisted on research and research, to make something safe but colourful and fashionable for our furbabies, ive finially found the products to fit the name!! I now know the ins and outs of my little business, and im so excited to watch it grow.

Thank you for all the support. xoxo